The sword of songs

"Black Knight" (died 15 August 778) Military leader under charlemagne. Was enraged with anger of being betrayed so he tore his clothes off ran mad, ripped trees out of the ground, there was no stopping him. Time went on and no one saw him again for a while , Until the next great battle, Men from both sides were fighting against eachother and there he was painted in black armour amongst the rest, slaying both sides ,no one knew which side he was on, They just called him the black knight.

"Headless Horseman" - Legend has it of a soldier who had fallen in battle,  He was decapitated in battle, his comarades only buired his body. They say the one who holds the skull of the headless horseman can controll him. Appearing to those travelling late at night. Stalking the ones the person who has the skull has chosen.

"Viking Warrior"  Before Christopher Columbus , Erik the red , and his fellow viking made a voyage to north america, Legends known now as the Vinland saga, L'anse aux meadws is the official historic settlement. Fighting against bitter cold and a misunderstanding with the skraelings, Its quite a wonder they lived to tell the tale.

" Vortigern " Vortigern came to power in Britain possibly around 425. Not much good is said about him. None at all , but history is written by ones who despise him, He was rumored to have taken the throne by treachery and murder. An outsider so all tarnished his name, but he was a true usurper of the throne . Apparently his castle was struck by lightning and he burnt to death.  His burial place is said to be at Nant Gwrtheyrn by a chapel.

"Jotunheim" - Known for the Mountians and possibly in norway, Legend has it that ages ago, Giants inhabited the place called Jotunheim. Fierce and mighty and not so friendly to humans. Thor journeyed there a few times, but would you be able to. This tale (song) follows a Sailor at sea whos mate gets shipwrecked in Jotunheim and has some tough decisions to make.

Tales from Triumph & Tragedy coming soon........

" Solomon's Key" - The son of the Biblical david, Solomon was most known for building his Temple, said to be filled with riches and gold on the inside. Known for having three steps, two adjacent pillars, also housing the holy of holies. But the thing was how the temple was built. Solomon was said to have a secret a 'key' which would allow him to control demons. Apparently his great temple was built in three days from start to finish the legends say.

Moira - Goddess of fate, or destiny, a greek diety,  to whom even the gods had to yeild. With the exception of Zeus.To exercise influence upon ones fate is a true test of strength. Aspects of life are inevitable but how you live, is another story, or your story.

Divine Pymander - Upon taking a long walk, finding a place to rest and meditate, Hermes Trismegistus comes upon a great dragon called pymander (or poimandres) , which claims that is it God. A frightening sight , hermes persists and questions the being about  life , purpose and reason. Known as the 'corpus hermiticum' , it is believed to be written around 100-300 a.d.